Knowing his godfather will not approve of skipping class to see The Bent-Winged Snitches, Teddy Lupin calls for some spiritual intervention.

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She’ll laugh to herself when everyone starts calling Teddy Lupin a wild boy because really how could a boy who calls his grandmother Nana be wild? She’ll watch them guess in vain at his natural hair, Or what band has captured his heart this week, or how he manages to sneak in sweets from Honeydukes. She’ll know exactly where to find him on a rainy afternoon, and they’ll howl on top of the astronomy tower on full moons, And they’ll stay up late and he’ll ask her what she thinks it would be like if his parents had survived and they’ll count the stars and make wishes on them. And they’ll kiss in dimly lit places away from prying eyes.And some nights they’ll dance and laugh at three in the morning, singing the lyrics to Beatles songs at the top of their lungs. He’ll start a band and Victoire will be his biggest fan, and he’ll tell her that not only is she brilliant, she’s beautiful. And they’ll knick a bottle of champagne from a Ball and they’ll run through the grounds like it’s a kingdom made just for them. 

Well this took forever. That excerpt is just a little something I wrote based on what I think Teddy & Victoire would be like

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Harry Potter, Next Generation: Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley

For Sidney [☾]

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"…Victoire seems to be attracted to any dark corner where Master Lupin happens to be lurking."

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Hey guys, I would like to apologize for this long ass hiatus but now we’re back and I’m going to take this blog seriously.

- Myla

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8 (because it is my lucky number) Teddy/Victoire stories to read.

You can’t have a romance with someone you’ve seen naked in the bath more times than you can count. It’s just - what’s the point? You’ve known each other your whole lives. There’s nothing new to discover, no excitement or frissons or shivers down your spine when you catch his eye across a crowded room… Right?
This story is actually my favourite Teddy/Victoire story at the moment. I love it. It is funny and very well written. There’s no romance until now but review so the author continues.
Victoire always saw her veela blood as a curse, but when she gets dragged into a dark secret, things escalate and she suddenly finds herself with a death on her hands, she’s sure of it. Hogwarts isn’t safe, it’s a battleground. Victoire unwillingly plays the game, all the time longing for the only boy who can never be hers, not knowing he has a secret of his own.
I love the way the story is written. I love Teddy very much. He is so funny and all. I don’t actually like the other characters (especially Victoire which may be a problem) but the text acknowledge Victoire is  not acting very nicely so who knows what may happen?
Teddy/Victoire one-shot: Victoire Weasley was not an indecisive person, but lately one unanswerable question had started to keep her up at night. Loud, or quiet?
It is a one-shot and it’s for mature people. The story, like many one-shot, does not have depth but it is easy to read. It presents another aspect of Teddy/Victoire’s relationship.
She wondered if the pain would ever go away. Teddy/Victoire, based on Carrie Underwood’s “Just A Dream.”
The story is very short and has a lot of song lyrics. It’s a one-shot. However, I still found it emotional (maybe it’s because I remember Carrie Underwood’s video which the fiction is based upon). Anyway, read the story and watch the video.
Becoming an adult only meant confusion for Victoire. She had become addicted to the things that brought her beauty, and seeing what was hidden behind the mask soon became an impossibility.
I love this story so much it kills me. It’s so different from the others and we get to see a side of Victoire that I find disturbing but I still love it. It’s a one-shot.
Teddy Lupin made many bad decisions. The worst ones always seemed to involve Victoire Weasley in some way. These are his top or bottom five.
Overload of cuteness. One-shot.
She imagines him running his hands through her hair and kissing the tears away, but he never does - LilyTeddyVictoire.
The only reason this doesn’t have 5 stars it’s because it’s heartbreaking. It’s not cute. AT. ALL. But it’s well written and it’s a good story. One-shot.
All it took was one innocent question. And then suddenly, my life was turned completely on its head, all thanks to Emily Morrigan, Victoire Weasley, and a question of love.
It is very lovely. One-shot.
I intend on pursuing this tradition of referring fiction. I was supposed to do that at the start of the blog but what can I say? I’m lazy. So there you go Anon, if you still care about it.
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To the Anon that asked me about good fictions, I’m actually searching for ones on

So hold on till tomorrow.

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Teddy never liked the sound of his full name on the lips of the angry veela. Or five times Victoire screamed Teddy’s named angrily and one time not.

"Theodore Remus Lupin!" Screamed a five-year old Victoire. " Give me my doll back, now.

"Or what?" Seven-year old Teddy made the mistake to ask.

"Or that!" The little girl exclaimed before jumping on Teddy’s right feet with all her strength.

The little boy screamed and dropped the doll he was previously holding over her head. He fell to the ground and cursed (“Bloody Merlin”, “By Dumbledore’s beard” and other things he had heard Ron said).

"It hurts Vic." He said holding back his tears. His feet was red and his big toe had double-sized.

"Well-" the little girl began with a -Teddy thought about the appropriate word for a while- devilish smile. “Next time, don’t steal my doll.”

Full story here

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